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One of the indicators I like is the Volume change. I closely monitor the volume change of the stocks closely. If the volume change percentage is greater than 100%, there was some kind of heavy buying or selling occurred that day which possibly means that large institutions were doing the transactions. I strongly believe that those large institutions have better idea and may know something that I do not know about the stock. So if there is large volume change, there could possibly some opportunities.

In the main page end of day stock table, there is Volume% column which is the percentage of daily volume against the past 50 days volume average. If you click on the Volume% column header, you will be able to sort the table by ascending or descending order. So try clicking the column and sort the table in the descending order now.

If you are looking for buy opportunity , searching for “RSI7 buy alert” + “high volume %” + “up price” may be a good way to find possible long position.

Here is the quick result . The top number one entry is Aeropostale Inc (ARO).
If you check out the graph , it looks pretty good showing RSI 7 and MACD are improving after the BUY alert. The stock has advanced 4% since the buy alert was on. Make sure to check the Google Finance  and search for any clue why there was the sudden volume change.
I just checked the Google Finance, and saw this news Aeropostale CEO bought quarter million shares today.Maybe the CEO knows something about the inside of the business and he saw positive futures, and that’s why he purchases so many stocks. It is hard to tell if this is a true bullish sign, but I think there is some upside room to grow at least for now. But you should be diligent and closely monitor the price once you buy the stocks.
Disclaimer: I don’t own ARO and I don’t plan to own one.

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