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Hi everybody,

We have been using’s free WIKI stock end of day (EOD) price API service, but we received below notification few days ago that their free WIKI EOD API ‘s data source is no longer available making their service a lot less reliable.

And I found that WIKI EOD API does not return the stock prices after 3/27/2018. That is why our site’s data is stuck on 3/27. I wish they would find a reliable source again that they could start providing the EOD stock prices soon.┬áBut until then, our site’s stock quote and related technical data will not be updated timely and will not reflect up to date information.

We will continue trying to find another source for free stock EOD prices even though we couldn’t find any. If you know any sites or APIs that provides free stock quote, please let us know by leaving a comment or send the information using the “Contact Us” page.

I apologize for this inconveniences and greatly appreciate for visiting our site.

Best regards,

Dear Chris,
I’m emailing you because you’ve downloaded US stock price data from the WIKI data feed in the past.

As you know, WIKI is a community-maintained data feed based on public sources. Unfortunately, one of the main sources of that data is no longer available, and our community volunteers have been unable to find a suitable alternative source.

As a result, the WIKI data feed is likely to be a lot less reliable in the future, with potentially missing or incorrect data or delayed updates.

We will continue to host this data feed on Quandl, but we no longer recommend using it for investment or analysis.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any free stock price data feeds that can replace WIKI at this time. The closest alternative we have is EOD, which is a value-priced end-of-day US stock price data feed.

Thank you for your understanding.

With best regards,

Abraham Thomas
Chief Data Officer, Quandl Inc.

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