Unable to get the end of day stock quotes

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Hi everybody, We have been using Quandl.com’s free WIKI stock end of day (EOD) price API service, but we received below notification few days ago that their free WIKI EOD API ‘s data source is no longer available making their service a lot less reliable. And I found that WIKI EOD API does not return… Read more »

Free Stock trade – no commission

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Do you know that there is a stock broker that charges no commission? While other brokers charge you $7 ~ $10 per order, but they do not charge anything. I did sign up and that is true. This is just amazing. https://robinhood.com/   There are some limitations. You will need to use iPhone to trade stocks… Read more »

RSI7 table explanation

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Let me provide quick guide on how to read the RSI7 table showing on the home page. Basically it is showing the current RSI7 values of all the managed stock symbols which is 822 at this time. I selected the initial stock symbol list from S&P 500 and DOW listed companies since I strongly believe… Read more »

Fun to look back on Apple Inc. (AAPL)

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The situation seemed really bad for the Apple . Investors were thinking that Apple did not have enough innovative products to continue their high earnings. The competition from Samsung was strong.  Investors were not sure on Tim Cook either. And the RSI7 kept falling and failling and all monthly, weekly , and daily RSI7 fell… Read more »