Which Sector ETF is doing great?

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Here is the SPDRS sector ETF YTD performance graph. As you can see XLY (consumer discretionary)  and XLV (Health Care) are doing really great, up more than 10% year to date.  I guess XLV is a good option . Stay away from XLE (Energy)  because Oil does not look good throughout the 2nd half of… Read more »

Watch out for the volume change

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One of the indicators I like is the Volume change. I closely monitor the volume change of the stocks closely. If the volume change percentage is greater than 100%, there was some kind of heavy buying or selling occurred that day which possibly means that large institutions were doing the transactions. I strongly believe that those… Read more »

How to find the bullish stocks stronger than S&P 500

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It seems that people are more interested in the popular bullish stocks rather than looking for any opportunities in the weak bearish stocks. Due to the strong US economy and dollar , the stock market became unstable. And it seems that people tend to make safer bets on the ones with continued bullish strength instead of… Read more »

Fear of the interest hike in 2015

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Federal Reserve Chair Woman Yellen said that FOMC will increase the interest rate this year for sure. That had big impact on dollar and so market and commodities (Gold , Oil ,and etc …) are down. They are inversely correlated. When dollar goes up , the market and the commodities go down. And when dollar… Read more »

Fun to look back on Apple Inc. (AAPL)

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The situation seemed really bad for the Apple . Investors were thinking that Apple did not have enough innovative products to continue their high earnings. The competition from Samsung was strong.  Investors were not sure on Tim Cook either. And the RSI7 kept falling and failling and all monthly, weekly , and daily RSI7 fell… Read more »